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Hunting License Fees May Increase

January 6th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

A bill that would increase the cost of a hunting license for an adult Maryland resident by $20 and help the financially strapped Wildlife & Heritage Service will be introduced at the General Assembly, which opens for legislative business Wednesday. According to the Cumberland Times News the bill, which does not yet have a number, would raise the cost from $24.50 to $44.50 for hunters ages 16 to 64. The cost for senior and junior licenses would not be affected. Neither would there be increases in the costs of stamps, such as those for hunting with bow or muzzleloader, according to Bill Miles of the Maryland Legislative Sportsmen’s Foundation, the nonpartisan group guiding the effort.

One Response to “Hunting License Fees May Increase”

  1. January 06, 2013 at 1:56 pm, v winters said:

    Looks like the guy who poaches won’t be buying a license this year either. Here’s a better idea
    Charge the hunter by the pound of the harvest
    OH WAIT that wont work there are less and less deer in Maryland each year so they never get a chance to grow there’s so much land wasted in Maryland open up the mountains and make a trail system like all our neighboring states have
    That will fit right into the tourist idea cumberland has already
    There is a huge amout of money that follows the Atv/ off road world
    All you need is a fire logging road and permits and a couple NEW jobs are born for trail help and people to keep trail system open. just ask the folks of hatfield mccoys trail system as of right now if you live in maryland you have to travel to other states to ride unless you are lucky enought to have land to ride on
    and i’m not talking about the small trail at green ridge let’s open up the tops to all these moutains


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