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Legalization Of Same Sex Marriage Leads To Spike In Requests To Allegany County Courts For Licenses

May 6th, 2014 by WCBC Radio

The legalization of same sex marriage in Maryland has led to a spike in business for Allegany County Clerk of Court Dawn Lindsey. The law was made possible by way of a referendum vote in November of 2012, and officially became legal January 1 of last year.  Lindsey told WCBC News that a new set of civil vows for all couples was approved by the circuit’s administrative judge, noting that the vows are pretty standard, but now are universal to all marriages of any gender.  Because Allegany County is listed first on the state’s websites when people search for marriage license information, Lindsey said her office has been getting a fair number of calls from residents of other states about same-sex marriage licenses.  Although statistics aren’t available, Lindsey says her office has been receiving more requests from same sex couples, than opposite gender couples…


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