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Little Orleans Parents To Continue Fight

October 27th, 2011 by WCBC Radio

Little Orleans parent Linda Martin tells WCBC News that despite the ruling by the Maryland State Board of Education reaffirming the local board’s decision on the Little Orleans issue- the fight is not over. The state board rejected the appeal submitted by a group of parents who are protesting the Allegany County School Board’s April decision to phase out the so-called Washington County option program. That program had allowed parents in the eastern end of the county to send their kids across the county border to attend Hancock School in Washington County. The local board pointed to budget issues as the reason for taking the action. A large group of parents from that area contested the move, and ultimately filed the appeal with the state board- which was finally heard, and rejected Tuesday. Martin says the hope now is that legislation can be introduced during the upcoming session of the General Assembly that would address the issue statewide- something Delegate Leroy Myers has committed to do. Martin said regardless of how this plays out, there needs to be changes made to the current board of education…


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