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McHenry State Police Barrack Announces Officer/Trooper Of 2011

March 8th, 2012 by WCBC Radio

The McHenry Barrack proudly announces the 2011 Barrack Non-Commissioned Officer of the year and Trooper of the Year for 2011.  The Non-Commissioned Officer is Sergeant Brian Broadwater and Trooper of the Year is Trooper First Class Andrew Farrell. 

Sergeant Broadwater’s performance by his subordinates was exemplary. His group out-performed many other groups in many rating categories.  Sgt. Broadwater’s performance during 2011 was also exemplary.   He demonstrates excellent time management skills and pays particular attention to detail. This is always evident in his completion of subordinate appraisals as well as reviewing subordinate paperwork.  All of the duties and responsibilities assigned to him are punctual and accurate.  He was assigned to the Drug Enforcement Command for several years prior to his promotion and has as done an outstanding job adapting to the Field Operations Bureau. 

He balances his time between his supervisory duties as barrack tow truck supervisor, hazardous and toxic substance supervisor, ordinance supervisor, health & safety coordinator, personal and vehicle inspection supervisor, supply officer, License Plate Recognition Supervisor and in his spare time he serves as the shift Commander. 

TFC Farrell entered the Maryland State Police Academy in July 2005. After graduating from the police academy he was assigned to the Westminster Barrack in Carroll County, Maryland. In July 2009 TFC Farrell was transferred to the Frederick barrack and assigned a K-9.  TFC Farrell was assigned to the McHenry Barrack in August 2010 where he currently works as a K-9 handler.  TFC Farrell is the son of retired Trooper Timothy J. Farrell. 

Trooper First Class Andrew Farrell currently is assigned two canines, one a German shepherd drug dog and the other a bloodhound tracking dog.  While at the McHenry Barrack he displays exceptional attention to detail in all aspects of his job performance and has provided job knowledge and leadership in drug interdiction efforts at the barrack.  TFC Farrell employs excellent investigative initiative and technique when investigating criminal complaints. He demonstrates exceptional ability to identify, analyze, and solve every aspect associated with criminal investigations. Most of his criminal investigations are self-generated through his aggressive traffic enforcement.

In 2011 TFC Farrell spearheaded a five day criminal interdiction initiative to identify individuals attempting to further their criminal enterprise while traveling on Maryland roadways in Garrett County.  This operation was an enormous success.  This operation resulted in 44 controlled dangerous substance arrests and four felony distribution cases.  The drugs seized during this operation where Heroin, LSD Tablets and LSD Pills, Mushrooms, Marijuana, Excstacy, Methodone and numerous items of drug paraphernalia.  Also seized during this criminal interdiction initiative was a large amount of currency and two vehicles. 

TFC Farrell is a self-starter who takes initiative in all tasks assigned and assumes responsibility with a take-charge attitude.  His initiative and energy is contagious to the other troopers who work around him and his peers are energetic to work with TFC Farrell.  His positive attitude and high level of achievement have a strong impact on his superiors and subordinates alike.

TFC Farrell’s knowledge, skills, and experience are a credit to himself, as well as the Maryland State Police. His dedication and enthusiasm are evident in his overall performance and leadership. He is an exceptionally dedicated individual who has served and represented this Agency in a way that deserves recognition of the McHenry Barrack 2011 Trooper of the Year. This recommendation is not being made for any single accomplishment or event, he is recommended for being a complete mutli-faceted trooper with an excellent set of work skills combined with leadership carrying on the legacy of his Father.   

The Maryland State Police was organized in 1921 and charged with reducing crime and highway tragedies through statewide patrol and relentless enforcement of criminal and traffic laws. For more than 90 years, this mission has never changed. It remains the focus of what the men and women of the McHenry Barrack do each and every day.

The 42 personnel assigned to the McHenry Barrack are involved in criminal and traffic enforcement efforts in a partnership with local and federal law enforcement and emergency services agencies. We are part of a coordinated network of state resources ready to respond in times of crisis and always working to protect the citizens of our Great State and Garrett County. 

Captain James R. Pyles
Commander, Western Troop
Maryland State Police

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