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Survey Shows Obamacare and Brown Support; Gas Tax Opposition

November 1st, 2013 by WCBC Radio

A new statewide opinion survey,  shows early strong support for Lt. Governor Anthony Brown in Maryland’s gubanatorial race; strong opposition to the gas tax and surprising support for the Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare.  The Annapolis-based Gonzales Marketing and Research Strategies conducted the poll in early October. Looking just at the democratic candidates for governor, Lt Governor Brown has a 41-21  point lead over Attorney General Doug Gansler- and that was before the AG became the focus of two controversial stories in the past few weeks. A spokesman for the firm said Brown’s early strong showing can be linked most likely to name recognition…

As far as the incumbent, Governor Martin O’Malley- about to enter his final year on the job- shows mixed results with a 48% approval rating, matched by a 48% disapproval rating. Those numbers are most likely the result of some controversy measures such as the gas tax hike and gun control bill..

Other results show a split between Maryland republicans and democrats on Health Care reform with 82% of democrats in support of Obama Care, with 82% of republicans disapproving. The overall numbers however reflect that 57% of Marylanders approve of the Affordable Care Act. The gas tax hike however saw total bi-partisan opposition with 76% disapproving of the tax increase; and just 21% supportive. 

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