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Parties at Impasse on Day Three of Shutdown

October 3rd, 2013 by WCBC Radio

As the federal government heads into a third day of shutdown, both parties still appear to be at an impasse. On Tuesday evening, the House called up three bills that would have restored funding to delayed veterans benefits and closed national parks and memorials, and given the District of Columbia the authority to use local revenue to continue operation. For procedural reasons, the bills would have required a two-thirds majority. All three failed due to insufficient Democratic support. Republicans brought  up the three bills again Wednesday, but this time using a procedural rule that will only require a simple majority. It appears as though even if the bills do pass, they have no future in the Democratic Senate or at President Obama's desk.  When the House plan became public, many democrats were dismissive with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, calling the bills "just another wacky idea from the tea party Republicans."   House Appropriations Chair, Maryland Democrat Barbara Mikulski was also critical of “tea party republicans."


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