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Prom Night

May 9th, 2015 by WCBC Radio

The night before Mothers Day should be a remarkably busy one in the Cumberland area as it is prom night for four area high schools.  Mountain Ridge, Allegany, Fort Hill and – just over the West Virginia line – Frankfort high schools all are holding their proms tonight. High school proms and formal dances are scheduled at the individual school level – neither the school board or superintendent are involved in setting those calanders. This year, the three (Allegany County) high school proms inadvertently happened to be scheduled on the same date and it was not well received by many parents and students. WCBC’s “Dave Norman Show” began fielding calls with complaints about the situation as early as this past January. Superintendent David Cox told WCBC News that often times, schools have to reserve the venues for their proms a year in advance as well as manage a number of other scheduling issues including SATs and sports playoffs.  He said that has since spoke to the  principals about all of the issues that resulted, and communicated to them to coordinate with each other next year to attempt to not have their proms on the same nights. That is something that clearly did not happen in setting this years prom schedule

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