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Register of Wills Situation Close to Resolution

June 8th, 2017 by WCBC Radio

Several sources have told WCBC News that an ongoing situation with the current Allegany County Register of Wills is close to reaching a resolution. Rebecca Drew, first elected to the office in 2006, is expected to resign her position by the end of the month- with at least one report suggesting she may be facing a potential criminal indictment.  Although no one in local law enforcement would consent to an interview, Maryland news website points to sources saying Drew is under investigation by authorities for violations in relation to her role as the county’s Register of Wills, including an inability to perform her mandated duties. If there are improprieties, such an investigation would come under the state prosecutor’s office. Much of the problem apparently has resulted from Drew allegedly simply not showing up at the office to perform her duties. The online Maryland news political blog known as “A Miner Detail” reports sources suggesting Drew is currently working out the details of her resignation with her attorney and is expected to resign her position in the coming weeks. It is alleged that Drew is working out a resignation deal that would spare her from an indictment. If Drew does resign, the three elected judges who preside over the Allegany County Orphans’ Court are charged with replacing the county’s Register of Wills. Already, House of Delegates 1C representative Mike McKay has expressed an interest in running for the position, or filling the post if it were to become vacant prior to next year’s election. Efforts to contact  Drew at her office and elsewhere have been unsuccessful.                                                  

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