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Scarpelli Blasts McKay

February 23rd, 2014 by WCBC Radio

Cumberland City Councilman Nick Scarpelli, a democratic candidate for the Maryland House of Delegates 1C seat, blasted his potential republican opponant in that race- County Commissioner Mke Mckay. Scarpelli issued a brief statement Saturday:

In the past week, the public became aware of a request from Commissioner Mike McKay to the Allegany County Delegation to introduce legislation which would have authorized the Board of County Commissioners of Allegany County to earmark a portion of marriage license fees collected in the county for distribution to the Cumberland Historic Cemetery Organization. Subsequently, the Delegation introduced legislation to that effect. After learning that the proposal had not been discussed in a public meeting or voted on by the Board of Commissioners the Delegation withdrew the bills.

In response to these events, Nick Scarpelli, candidate for Maryland House of Delegates in District 1-C released the following statement:

“I very concerned about the actions taken by Mr. McKay related to his recent advocacy for a bill that would have created a new fee for the purpose of earmarking funding for a private organization. It is now clear that he took these steps on his own and without public input.”

“The citizens of District 1-C deserve a representative in Annapolis who will exercise openness and good judgment. We deserve a representative who is focused on serving his constituents and not special interests.”

“I look forward to being that representative.”

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