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Tax Revenues for Canal Place Begin to Decrease

July 19th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

Although the agreement was announced more than a year ago, some members of the Canal Place Preservation and Development Authority Board are unhappy that Canal Place will be receiving fewer  dollars annually from the county’s hotel/motel tax revenues.  Last year Canal Place received $50,000 and will receive $26,500 for fiscal 2014- but then the funding will be discontinued. The issue was raised by board member Rick Thayer during this months regular business meeting. Allegany County Commissioner Mike McKay, who serves as a member of the Canal Place board,  said the tax revenue was never intended to be ongoing- that it was a temporary supplement in place to help Canal Place until it became self -funded. Mckay said the phase-out was announced more than a year ago. He also emphasized that this is no way should be viewed as the county no longer being supportive of Canal Place.


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