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Unresolved Issues With School Security Plan Remain

July 12th, 2013 by WCBC Radio

Allegany County Commissioners President Mike McKay, after yet another lengthy and often times convoluted discussion on plans for implementing an enhanced security program for both public and private schools. The only real consensus reached in the past three months between the county and the school board is that enhanced security is needed: other than that it seems as though every aspect of the program and process has been subject of debate between the commissioners and the board.  Earlier this week, the board approved two motions dealing with utilizing retired officers; and eventually pursuing School Resource Officers. During last night’s meeting of the county commissioners, two motions were also approved: one agreeing to allow the sheriff to begin the process of hiring up to three SRO’s; and another emphatically stating that the $190,000 in allocated security funds go directly to the sheriff and the health department for implementing over overseeing the program. While Mckay said his plan is to move ahead and beyond the debate- it’s seem unlikely that will occur. County Administrator David Eberly reported that sources have told him the school board has already advertised for security officers for the schools- in the form of recently retired law enforcement officers. That being the case, the commissioners said the board can pay for those officers; while the security fund can then be set aside for the SRO’s and any mental health resources that may be deemed necessary for the program. The board has been operating under the assumption that the security officers to be hired would be funded by the county. Sheriff Craig Robertson said he believes there are still some unresolved issues and would like to see all parties involved get together to reach consensus…


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