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April 3rd, 2023 by WCBC Radio

On Sunday, April 2, 2023 at approximately 7:56 PM, an officer of the Cumberland Police Department contacted several people at the lobby of the police station who were causing a disturbance.  I contacted the alleged victim who reported that Jake Laster stole his property.  I contacted Laster who denied stealing any of the victim’s property.  After further investigation, officers determined that Laster had the stolen property in his possession.  Laster became argumentative with officers.  Officers went to place Laster under arrest for the theft and he resisted by pulling away from officers.  Laster became combative and started swinging his arms and punching officers.  Officers were able to gain control of Laster and take him into custody.  The stolen property was returned to the owner.  Laster was transported to Central Booking.  He was later seen by a District Court Commissioner and remanded to the Allegany County Detention Center without bond.

ARRESTED:  Jake Sol Laster            AGE: 46            Cumberland, MD
CHARGES: Theft $100 to under $1,500, Assault-2nd Degree (x3), Resist Arrest